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A list of media mentions (not exhaustive)

Further reflections in July 2011

The move:

Time-lapse video of the move

Raw video from KCCI (also found on bing and

WHO ten o’clock news

Morning news item

Most recent:

$1 > $2500 Now they’re concerned about the future of the barn? After this many years?

Board votes to move controversial barn (video and text) — June 14, 2011

May 25 Nowhere to put the barn, but it’s got to go. Soon.

May 22 Board President Suckow states that he hopes the barn arrangements will be set in 45 days

May 19 Architect asks for barn again here and here.

What’s Buggin’ Andy — April 17, 2011

Des Moines Register

District must find a way to save barn, council says


Barn backers, West Des Moines school leaders meet

100-year-old W.D.M. barn near Valley High School to be razed

Effort to keep West Des Moines barn spreads to Facebook

Keep West Des Moines barn, residents say at forum

Residents urge district to keep barn

Supporters of saving W.D.M. barn will convene

Grassroots campaign sets meeting to save barn on Valley campus

West Des Moines Schools, a Barn and Final Exams

Letter: Fond memories are linked to two barns

Today’s Inbox: That West D.M. barn tells important story

Preserve this bit of history in suburbs

West Des Moines school district offers site for barn

West Des Moines district offers new site for barn, delays date to demolish structure

Backers of historic barn at Valley High School look for solution

School district explores options to save barn

West Des Moines schools chief: Focus on kids, not barn

Roses & Thistles: Keeping score, barns, robins and photos

WHO-TV- News Channel 13

SAVE THE BARN: Historic barn in West Des Moines set for demolition unless buyer comes forward

HOLD ON: West Des Moines residents plead with school district to slow down on barn demolition plan: Brick barn is unique and historic, but high school wants more “green space.”

BARN SUPPORT: People trying to save a historic barn on the property of Valley High School in West Des Moines will make a plea to the school board Monday night


Barn Removal


BARN EFFORT: A meeting is being held Tuesday night by a group trying to save a historic barn on the property of Valley High School from demolition

BARN DEFENDERS: A group working to save a barn on the property of West Des Moines’ Valley High School will show the city council its plans Tuesday night

KCCI- News Channel 8

1,210 Join Facebook Battle To Save Barn

Movement To Save Barn Gains Momentum

School Needs Land Held By Historic Barn

‘Save The Barn’ Effort Continues

Des Moines Cityview

Extremist makeovers

Associated Content

Historical Barn in Iowa Faces Demolition

Radio Iowa

Supporters of barn, scheduled for demolition, build following on Facebook

Preservation Iowa

Save the Maplenol Barn at Valley High School: Social Media Brings Preservationists Together for an Important Cause

Farm News

Barn razing?

98.3 WOW FM

Januaury 12,2011 Fallon Forum (Starting at 31 minute mark)

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Good News for Iowa Barn

The Soap Boxers

Barn in the City

Insight Advertising

Even Cities Have a Brand…

Saving The Barn…

Mac’s World Live

Monday, January 17, 2011 (Starts at 4:20 mark)

The Barn Door

Saving Our History- Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We’ve also had radio interviews (not available online) from April 5, 2011 with The Hawk 98.3 KHKI and 92.5 KJJY.